Family Church School

Every Sunday morning, from 9:30am to 10:30am, RBC provides sound biblical teaching through enlightening and Spirit-filled lessons for adults, youth, and children  in our Family Church School.  Below are some of our most recent lessons in audio format for your listening.  You may join us live at RBC on Sunday or here online every Wednesday at 7:00pm as we study the Word of God and mature together.

"Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." (II Timothy 2:15)

You may listen to the audio files listed here on our player or you may download them to your computer.  To listen to a lesson, simply select the file you wish to hear and click the play button.  To download a file to your computer, click on the white down-arrow button.

Adult Sunday School July  2, 2017- Summer  Quarter Begin

Fall Evangelism September 12, 2017 – 7 pm – Evangelism Classes Begins


Church School Playlist

  1. 20170820_SS_CalledToProclaimChrist
  2. 20170806_SS_CalledtoServe
  3. 20170730_SS_TheCallofAmos
  4. 20170723_SS_TheCallOfEzekiel
  5. 20170709_SS_IsaiahintheTemple
  6. 20160602_SS_Moses and the Burning Bush
  7. 20170625_SS_Samson'sCall
  8. 20170611_SS_Gideon'sCall
  9. 20170604_SS_DeborhandBarak
  10. 02170528_SS_God'sAll-EmbracingLove
  11. God'sLovefortheLost
  12. 20170514_SS_God'sProtectiveLove
  13. 20170507_SS_GodsDisciplinaryLove
  14. 20170430_SS_TheGoodShepherd'sLove
  15. 20170423_SS_God'sReconciliingLove
  16. 20170409_SS_God'sSavingLoveInChrist
  17. 20170402_SS_TheLordIsMyShepherd
  18. 20170326_SS_God'sMercifulLove
  19. 20170319_SS_ManifestingGod'sLove
  20. 20170312_SS_God'sOverflowingLove
  21. 20170219_SS_FreedomInChrist
  22. 20170212_SS_DeliveredFromBondage
  23. 201702-05_SS_HeirsOfThePromise
  24. 20170122_SS_PraiseForTheCreator'sWisdom
  25. 01-15-17_SS_PraiseGodtheProvider
  26. 20170108_SS_AllCreationJoinsInPraise
  27. 20170101_SS_PraisingGodTheCreator