RBC Story

The Resurrection Story

Resurrection Baptist Church (RBC) is comprised of believers who affirm the Holy Bible, in its entirety, as the infallible word of God. We commit ourselves to glorify God through worship and instruction (Heb 10:25), to observe His ordinances of Communion and Baptism (Luke 22:19, Matt 28:19), to walk by faith in fellowship with Him (2 Cor. 5:7), and to share the gospel of salvation to all mankind (Acts 1:8).

RBC’s growth, both spiritually and numerically, is proof of God’s bessing and favor – to God be the glory.

The following is a brief description of RBC’s beginnings, growth, and commitment.

Beginnings: Established in July 1983, RBC continues today to conduct weekly worship services, bible studies, and other evangelistic ministries in the San Antonio area.

Growth: In September 2002, RBC moved to 1002 Live Oak Road, Schertz Texas.  This 26,000 sq. ft. multi-purpose facility services a growing membership over 4000.  In 2012, we acquired a second campus, Redland Oaks Community Church (ROCC).  We antcipate worship services to begin at ROCC in late-August 2012.

Commitment:  To bring people into God’s family and to send out Christ followers to share God’s love and truth with our community to the ends of the earth.


Core  Values

What makes RBC unique?  At RBC we’re not afraid to try something different if it means being more effective for Christ.  Our approach to ministry is based on 16 underlying core values.   Below find a brief description of the areas that we value most and make us unique:

Application of Scripture – Making scripture a part of life.  God wants His truth turned into action and His doctrine turned into deeds.

Service – We exist to serve.  The highest calling of any Christian is the calling to be a servant.

Excellence – RBC strives for excellence in everything we do, in connecting, in growing, in serving, in sharing, and in worshipping.

Feedback“A fool thinks he needs no advice, but a wise man listens to others…”.  We improve because encourage honest feedback.

Authenticity – RBC is intentionally transparent.  We permit ourselves to be vulnerable – we want to be exactly what we appear to be.

Informality – RBC is a church without pretense.  We  intentionally remove barriers o that people will feel open, casual, and welcome.

Giftedness – We build on strengths so that weaknesses become irrelevant.  Our objective is to find, free, release, and liberate your gifts.

Differences – We respect individuality and “Accept one another just as Christ has accepted you.”  We compliment and not compete.

Learning – We believe learning is a on-going lifestyle and that God desires we continuously learn about Him, His Word, and His ways.

Simplicity – We pursue simplicity in everything we do.  Our challenge is to keep our service simple.

Teamwork – Jesus sent people out in two’s.  His point – we could face any ministry challenge when we shared responsibility with others.

Innovation – RBC is neither intimidated nor frightened to try something new.  Failure is not reaching a goal; it is not trying at all.

Humor –  Humor is the ability to laugh at yourself.  Too often, we take ourselves too seriously and don’t take God seriously enough.

Optimism – This is just another word for faith.  That is, believing that God not only can do it, that He will do it, or that He is doing it.

Growth – RBC’s motto is “Win the lost at any cost.”  If Jesus thought enough of a soul to die for it, we can ensure the world knows about it.

Commitment – There is no greater commitment one can make, then to give yourself to Christ.  We challenge and help people do that.

For detailed information on our 16 Core Values, please contact the church at 210.658.0459 or email us at admin@myRBConline.com.