Meet The Staff

RBC Staff Members

We are the RBC Administrative Staff.  To get in touch with a staff member, please use the contact information below.  If the person you're trying to reach is unavailable, please leave a phone message and we will return your call as soon as possible.  If you wish to send an email to a staff member, please use the email links provided below.

Dr. Anthony Cobbs

Executive Pastor

Anthony provides oversight of Resurrection and manages all day-to-day ministry operations, including supervision of the Administrative Staff. Dr. Cobbs is a certified church consultant with over 23 years of ministry experience. Ph. (210) 658-0459, Ext. 204

Jay Terrell

Director of Magnification & Fine Arts

Jay oversees all of Resurrection Magnification & Fine Arts Ministries.

Bobbie Clerkley

Chief Operating Officer

Bobbie oversees all day-to-day Resurrection business operations. Her duties include budgeting, accounting, personnel, business policies, strategic planning, and other business management-related activities.

Belinda Robertson

Senior Pastor's Assistant

Belinda oversees all administrative management of Pastoral office, day-to-day activities. As office manager, she is responsible for coordinating all inter-office operations and prompt dissemination of administrative information to various staff and ministry functions. Ph. (210) 658-0459, Ext. 207

Kathy Porter

Secretary, Executive Pastor

Kathy provides administrative support to the Executive Pastor as well all RBC ministries. Her responsibilities include coordinating RBC events and activities with ministry champions and facilitating other staff activities. Ph. (210) 658-0459, Ext. 205

Sabrina Brown

Publication Support

Sabrina is responsible for development and maintenance of all permanent and recurring RBC publications.

Marcus Floyd

Director, Media and Communications

Marcus is responsible for managing all Resurrection media and communications operations, including personnel and systems. He also manages other media/comm special projects. ph. (210) 658-0459, Ext. 213

Don Jeffreys

Missions Pastor

Don Jeffreys is responsible for our Missions Ministry in addition to the weekly Lunch with the Lord and much more.

Allen Green, Jr.

Student Ministry Pastor

Allen is responsible for managing all Resurrection kids and student programs from kindergarten through 12th grades, as well as Nursery age children. This includes monthly activities, outreach, the Community Block Party, Spring Break Activities, Hallelujah Night and more. He also provides support for other ministry special projects. Ph. (210) 658-0459 Ext. 202

Dramone Taylor

Director of Creative Team

Dramone oversees all of Resurrection graphic designs, marketing and branding.

James Etheridge

Facility Manageer

Jame oversees all of Resurrection Facilities both Schertz and Redland Oaks Campuses.

CD Peterson

First Touch

CD oversees all of Resurrection First Touch Ministries.