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Radio Broadcast Dates

Day Date   Sermons  
Saturday 24-Jun-17   A Giant Opportunity
Sunday 25-Jun-17   A Giant Opportunity
Monday 26-Jun-17   Knot Happy
Tuesday 27-Jun-17   Knot Connected
Wednesday 28-Jun-17    Knot In Love
Thursday 29-Jun-17   Get Ready for Tomorrow
Friday 30-Jun-17   Keep it Moving
Saturday 1-Jul-17   Working Your Way Through The Wilderness
Sunday 2-Jul-17   Working Your Way Through The Wilderness
Monday 3-Jul-17   Never Stop Believing
Tuesday 4-Jul-17   Making a Financial Comeback
Wednesday 5-Jul-17    Living a Whatever Happens kind of Life
Thursday 6-Jul-17   What God Has For Us
Friday 7-Jul-17   Trade Your Doubt for a Shout
Saturday 8-Jul-17   There Ain't No Can't
Sunday 9-Jul-17   There Ain't No Can't
Monday 10-Jul-17   You can chase Dreams even in Desperate Places
Tuesday 11-Jul-17   What to do When things run out
Wednesday 12-Jul-17   The Magnetic Christ
Thursday 13-Jul-17   Everything is Alright
Friday 14-Jul-17   Believe God is up to Something
Saturday 15-Jul-17   Music For A Madman
Sunday 16-Jul-17   Music For A Madman
Monday 17-Jul-17   My Cup Runs Over
Tuesday 18-Jul-17   Our Father
Wednesday 19-Jul-17   This is the Generation
Thursday 20-Jul-17   Hold on to your Birthright
Friday 21-Jul-17   This Belongs to me
Saturday 22-Jul-17   Don't Do What Your Daddy Did
Sunday 23-Jul-17   Don't Do What Your Daddy Did
Monday 24-Jul-17   I Love My Church Because It Grows
Tuesday 25-Jul-17   I Love My Church Because It Has Benefits
Wednesday 26-Jul-17   I Love my Church Because its Blessed
Thursday 27-Jul-17   I Love My Church And I Protect It
Friday 28-Jul-17   Living Life Generously