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Radio Broadcast Dates

Day Date Sermon:
Sat 11-Nov-17 A Giant Opportunity
Sun 12-Nov-17 A Giant Opportunity
Mon 13-Nov-17 Deepening Your Devotion to God
Tue 14-Nov-17 Getting Ready to Rise
Wed 15-Nov-17 You Can Count on God
Thu 16-Nov-17 Tomorrow Stars Right Now
Fri 17-Nov-17 Standing On The Edge of Promise
Sat 18-Nov-17 Working Your Way Through The Wilderness
Sun 19-Nov-17 Working Your Way Through The Wilderness
Mon 20-Nov-17 Time to Turn the Page
Tue 21-Nov-17  The Famine Did You A Favor
Wed 22-Nov-17 How to Prevent a Prosperity Pitfall
Thu 23-Nov-17 Ordinary Heroes’
Fri 24-Nov-17  How to Spell Success
Sat 25-Nov-17 There Ain't No Can't
Sun 26-Nov-17 There Ain't No Can't
Mon 27-Nov-17 Making Successful Decisions
Tue 28-Nov-17 Living Large and Thinking Small
Wed 29-Nov-17 Getting a Clear Vision of Your Life
Thu 30-Nov-17 Breaking Out Of Your Rut
Fri 1-Dec-17 Failure is Not an Option
Sat 2-Dec-17 Music For The Madman
Sun 3-Dec-17 Music For The Madman
Mon 4-Dec-17 There is Nobody Like The Lord
Tue 5-Dec-17 Five Conditions of Answered Prayer
Wed 6-Dec-17 Access Granted
Thu 7-Dec-17 Praying on Purpose
Fri 8-Dec-17 Break the Chains
Sat 9-Dec-17 Don't Do What Your Daddy Did
Sun 10-Dec-17 Don't Do What Your Daddy Did
Mon 11-Dec-17 Growing Spiritually
Tue 12-Dec-17 Beyond Your Wildest Imagination
Wed 13-Dec-17 Driven By Design
Thu 14-Dec-17 Determine your Priorities
Fri 15-Dec-17 Evaluate Your  Abilities
Sat 16-Dec-17 Searching for a Savior
Sun 17-Dec-17 Searching for a Savior