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Radio Broadcast Dates

Day Date Sermons
Saturday 9-Sep-17 Healthy Habits for Financial Freedom
Sunday 10-Sep-17 Healthy Habits for Financial Freedom
Monday 11-Sep-17 Hell Date
Tuesday 12-Sep-17 Don’t Count Me Out
Wednesday 13-Sep-17 Surviving Sibling Rivalry
Thursday 14-Sep-17 Im Coming Out On Top
Friday 15-Sep-17 Dream Again
Saturday 16-Sep-17 Everything You Need
Sunday 17-Sep-17 Everything You Need
Monday 18-Sep-17 God's Masterpiece
Tuesday 19-Sep-17 Living Beyond Fear
Wednesday 20-Sep-17 Take Up Your Mat And Walk
Thursday 21-Sep-17 Peace Be Still
Friday 22-Sep-17 Zacchaeus Im Coming to Your House
Saturday 23-Sep-17 Better Together
Sunday 24-Sep-17 Better Together
Monday 25-Sep-17 Nick at Night
Tuesday 26-Sep-17 Break the Chains
Wednesday 27-Sep-17 Raising Spiritual Kidz
Thursday 28-Sep-17 Im Expecting Something Incredible to Happen
Friday 29-Sep-17 The Odds Are In Your Favor
Saturday 30-Sep-17 God Loved
Sunday 1-Oct-17 God Loved
Monday 2-Oct-17 I Believe in the Church
Tuesday 3-Oct-17 How to Turn Your Setback into Comeback
Wednesday 4-Oct-17 I Think I Better Let It Go
Thursday 5-Oct-17 What Tithing Brings To Christ The Church and Christians
Friday 6-Oct-17 Can I Trust God?
Saturday 7-Oct-17 God Gave
Sunday 8-Oct-17 God Gave
Monday 9-Oct-17 Get In The Game
Tuesday 10-Oct-17 Do You Know Him
Wednesday 11-Oct-17 Confronting Life Courageously
Thursday 12-Oct-17 Desperate Families
Friday 13-Oct-17 Desperate Women