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Radio Broadcast Dates

Day    Date   Sermon 
Saturday   17-Feb-18   How to Handle a Bitter Experience
Sunday   18-Feb-18   How to Handle a Bitter Experience
Monday   19-Feb-18   Extreme Makeover-Money Edition
Tuesday   20-Feb-18   Treat Them Like Royalty
Wednesday   21-Feb-18   Im Still Standing
Thursday   22-Feb-18   When God Messes Up Your Plans
Friday   23-Feb-18   An APP for Success
Saturday   24-Feb-18   Reason To Shout
Sunday   25-Feb-18   Reason To Shout
Monday   26-Feb-18   App For Temptation
Tuesday   27-Feb-18   Let God Roll Your Stone Away
Wednesday   28-Feb-18   How to Win the War Against Worry
Thursday   1-Mar-18   Do whatever God tells you
Friday   2-Mar-18   The Magnetic Christ
Saturday   3-Mar-18   Elevate Your Prayer Life
Sunday   4-Mar-18   Elevate Your Prayer Life
Monday   5-Mar-18   You're in  Good Hands
Tuesday   6-Mar-18   The Battle is not Yours
Wednesday   7-Mar-18   When God Displays Power
Thursday   8-Mar-18   Things will be different in the morning
Friday   9-Mar-18   God is Always on Time
Saturday   10-Mar-18   Deepen Your Devotion
Sunday   11-Mar-18   Deepen Your Devotion
Monday   12-Mar-18   This is That
Tuesday   13-Mar-18   Dont be Afraid
Wednesday   14-Mar-18   Fearlessly Facing the Future
Thursday   15-Mar-18   Battling Bad News
Friday   16-Mar-18   The way out is through
Saturday   17-Mar-18   Time To Get In The Game        
Sunday   18-Mar-18   Time To Get In The Game
Monday   19-Mar-18   Never Turn Back
Tuesday   20-Mar-18   God Loves a Packed House
Wednesday   21-Mar-18   The City Belongs to Us
Thursday   22-Mar-18   Believe Again
Friday   23-Mar-18   Dream Again
Saturday   24-Mar-18   We Live
Sunday   25-Mar-18   We Live
Monday   26-Mar-18   Laugh Again
Tuesday   27-Mar-18   We have never seen anything like this
Wednesday   28-Mar-18    Designed to Shine
Thursday   29-Mar-18   Im a Star Witness
Friday   30-Mar-18   Somethings Can't Wait