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Radio Broadcast Dates

Day Date Sermon
Saturday 29-Jul-17 GODs Ideal Church
Sunday 30-Jul-17 GODs Ideal Church
Monday 31-Jul-17 Living Life Passionately
Tuesday 1-Aug-17 Live Your Life Fearlessly
Wednesday 2-Aug-17 Live Your Life Supernatually
Thursday 3-Aug-17 The Truth About The Tithe
Friday 4-Aug-17 Im Expecting a Harvest
Saturday 5-Aug-17 Your Future is Calling
Sunday 6-Aug-17 Your Future is Calling
Monday 7-Aug-17  Reset Your Faith
Tuesday 8-Aug-17 Reset your Failures
Wednesday 9-Aug-17  Reset Your Finances
Thursday 10-Aug-17 Reset Your Frendships
Friday 11-Aug-17 Reset Your Fellowships
Saturday 12-Aug-17 Membership Has Its Privileges
Sunday 13-Aug-17 Membership Has Its Privileges
Monday 14-Aug-17 Its Easy To Love The Lord
Tuesday 15-Aug-17 God Will Bring You Out
Wednesday 16-Aug-17 Sacrifice of Worship
Thursday 17-Aug-17 Sacrifice of Praise
Friday 18-Aug-17 The Courage to Start Over
Saturday 19-Aug-17 A Church On The Grow
Sunday 20-Aug-17 A Church On The Grow
Monday 21-Aug-17 Cross Raging Rivers
Tuesday 22-Aug-17 The Sacrifice of Thanksgiving
Wednesday 23-Aug-17 Break Down The Walls
Thursday 24-Aug-17 Sweat The Small Stuff
Friday 25-Aug-17 Im Coming Out On Top
Saturday 26-Aug-17 Made For Ministry
Sunday 27-Aug-17 Made For Ministry
Monday 28-Aug-17 Making An Outrageous Request
Tuesday 29-Aug-17 Conquering Unconquered Territory
Wednesday 30-Aug-17 Put Your Stake in the Ground
Thursday 31-Aug-17 No Strings Attached
Friday 1-Sep-17 Stand
Saturday 2-Sep-17 A Formula for Friendship
Sunday 3-Sep-17 A Formula for Friendship
Monday 4-Sep-17 What Tithing Brings
Tuesday 5-Sep-17 Making Your Worry Work For You
Wednesday 6-Sep-17 Turning Problems Into Possibilities
Thursday 7-Sep-17 Getting Parent-Noid
Friday 8-Sep-17 Friends And Frienemies