Youth Life Group (HS Boys)

Youth Life Group (HS Boys)

Online via Zoom Meeting || Sunday – 2:00 pm

Youth Life Group (MS Boys)

Youth Life Group (MS Boys)

Online via Zoom Meeting || Sunday – 2:00 pm

Youth Life Group (HS Girls)

Youth Life Group (HS Girls)

Online via Zoom Meeting || Sunday – 2:00 pm

Women Life Group (Audrey Cobbs)

To help and encourage women to find their worth and identity in God. It’s important for women to know their value, purpose and to take care of their needs first to be a help to others including mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Online via Zoom Meeting || Saturday – 9:00 am

Women Life Group (Raye White)

This Life Group will focus on single mothers and women.

Online via Zoom Meeting || 2nd & 4th – Tuesdays – 7:00 pm

Women Life Group (Mary Carolyn Jones)

This is a Life Group for women. Our goal is to support and reinforce the vision of the Ministry/Church/Message as well as to demonstrate Christ’s love.

Online via Zoom Meeting || 1st and 3rd – Mondays 7:00 pm

Young Adult Life Group (April Torrey)

Adulting can be a real challenge. Balancing careers, education, family, professional development etc. This Life group will focus on our journey with Christ as the subject of real talk.

Online via Zoom Meeting || 2nd & 4th Saturday, 10:00 am

God’s Hands (Lisa German)

The purpose of this group is to use our God-given hands to create projects that will be a blessing to either the creator or gifted to someone else.

Online via Zoom meeting || 2nd and 4th Monday

Adoption Angels (Ron Levi)

Adoption, abandonment, child advocacy and welfare present unique challenges and issues that require a particular understanding, empathy and compassion to address. The presence and love of God for those who are forgotten and discarded purposefully is in acute and constant demand. Jesus is there for them all, but the guilt, shame and secrets perpetuated by families can be oppressive and cruel. I believe it is all in my calling to reach, teach, love and lead in this topic.

Online via Zoom Meeting || 2nd Thursday – 7 pm.

Fishing Life Group

The purpose of this Life Group is to go fishing and enjoy fellowship. We will also be a witness of Christ to others while out on the waters.

Meet 2nd Thursday from 7 – 8 pm via zoom.
Meet 4th Thursday at 7 am at the fishing location.

Military Women Life Group (Lena Edwards)

Military Women Life Group will focus on military women with or without families. Women in this life group will discuss how to best deal with daily life issues. We will also seek ways to best support our spouses and children with their life issues.

Online via Zoom Meeting || 2nd & 4th Monday – 8:00 pm

Men Life Group (William Jackson)

Men’s Life Group

Online via Zoom Meeting || Tuesday – 7:00 pm

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Christian Business Network

Purpose – To provide a forum for Christian Business leaders and professionals to share and expand their entrepreneurial expertise.

Service– There are many opportunities and benefits through Christian Business Network (CBN).  Seminars, networking, and access to local business opportunities are just a few.  CBN is comprised of small businessmen and businesswomen.  For more information click Christian Business Directory.

If you are interested in participating in the Christian Business Network, please send an email to the address above or contact the church office.