Daily Devotions Life Group (Dorothy Pillow)

Welcome to the Daily Devotion Life Group, where people of all backgrounds come together to cultivate a deeper relationship with God through daily spiritual practices. In the midst of life’s busyness and distractions, our group provides a sacred space for reflection, prayer, and community as we journey together in faith.

“Online via Zoom Meeting || Wednesday @ 12pm”

Adoption Angels (Ron Levi)

Adoption, abandonment, child advocacy and welfare present unique challenges and issues that require a particular understanding, empathy and compassion to address. The presence and love of God for those who are forgotten and discarded purposefully is in acute and constant demand. Jesus is there for them all, but the guilt, shame and secrets perpetuated by families can be oppressive and cruel. I believe it is all in my calling to reach, teach, love and lead in this topic.

Online via Zoom Meeting || 2nd Thursday – 7 pm.

God’s Hands (Lisa German)

The purpose of this group is to use our God-given hands to create projects that will be a blessing to either the creator or gifted to someone else.

Online via Zoom meeting || 2nd and 4th Monday

Fishing Life Group (Don Jeffreys)

The purpose of this Life Group is to go fishing and enjoy fellowship. We will also be a witness of Christ to others while out on the waters.

Meet 2nd Thursday from 7 – 8 pm via zoom.
Meet 4th Thursday at 7 am at the fishing location.

Caregivers Life Group (Deborah Butler)

The purpose of this Life Group is to provide a means of support for those serving as
Caregivers to a family member or friend. We will pray & study together, laugh & cry together, lean on one another, share experiences, knowledge & resources, challenges & frustrations, ups & downs, joys & pains.

Online via Zoom Meeting ||
1st Saturday – 10:00 am

Gardening Life Group (Erskine Sealy)

Calling all gardening enthusiasts! Join our flourishing Life Group dedicated to all things green and growing. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just getting started with your green thumb, our group provides a supportive space to share knowledge, exchange tips, and celebrate the joys of gardening. From cultivating beautiful blooms to growing your own food, our discussions cover a wide range of topics to inspire and educate. Connect with fellow plant lovers, swap seeds, and cultivate friendships as we nurture our gardens and nurture our souls together. Join us for a blooming good time in our gardening Life Group!

Face-To-Face Meet on Wednesday from 8 – 1pm

Come & Dine Life Group (Theresa Bryant)

Welcome to Come & Dine, a vibrant and inclusive Life Group where people from all walks of life gather to share good food, meaningful conversations, and genuine fellowship. Whether you’re new to the community or have been here for years, you are invited to join us around the table as we build connections, nurture friendships, and grow together in faith and love.

“Online via Zoom Meeting || Fridays @ 12pm”

Resurrection Riders (Jo Waters)

Using the love of motorcycle riding to come together and to be an evangelistic tools to those we meet as we cycle, chat, Nd chew (ride, share, gather to eat together).

Online via Zoom Meeting || Saturday (Morning) 9:00 am

Military Women Life Group (Lena Edwards)

Attention military women and spouses! ️ Join our dynamic Life Group tailored specifically for you. Whether you’re a servicewoman or the partner of a military member, navigating the unique challenges and triumphs of military life can be a journey like no other. In our Life Group, we provide a supportive and understanding community where military women and spouses can come together to share experiences, offer support, and build lasting connections. From deployments and relocations to balancing family life and career aspirations, our discussions delve into topics that resonate with your military journey. Join us as we celebrate resilience, share resources, and uplift each other through the highs and lows of military life. Together, we’re stronger!

Online via Zoom Meeting || 2nd & 4th Monday – 8:00 pm

Cycling Life Group (James Johnson)

Welcome to Pedal Together, where we combine the joy of cycling with the camaraderie of community. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, our group offers a fun and supportive environment for riders of all levels to come together, explore the great outdoors, and build lasting friendships on two wheels.

Face-to-Face || 1st – Saturdays

New Members Life Group (Patrick & Andrea Nedrick )

Are you new to our church community? Whether you’ve recently joined us or are considering becoming part of our family, we want to extend a warm invitation to Welcome Home! This is a place where new members can connect, grow, and feel at home in our church family. Join us as we journey together in faith, fellowship, and friendship. We can’t wait to welcome you with open arms!

Face-to-Face || Monthly


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Christian Business Network

Purpose – To provide a forum for Christian Business leaders and professionals to share and expand their entrepreneurial expertise.

Service– There are many opportunities and benefits through Christian Business Network (CBN).  Seminars, networking, and access to local business opportunities are just a few.  CBN is comprised of small businessmen and businesswomen.  For more information click Christian Business Directory.

If you are interested in participating in the Christian Business Network, please send an email to the address above or contact the church office.