Order Media

   Resurrection Media Orders

Resurrection Ministries has media available from many of our worship services and events.  If you wish to order a specific service or event, please use any of the media order options listed below.

Use one of these convenient order options:

1.  View the Resurrection Media Listing; locate desired media and use the form below to submit an online order.

2.  View the Resurrection Media Listing; locate desired media and call the Church Office (210) 658-0459 and place your order by phone.

3.  Place your order with the Media Sales staff, in the lobby, after each worship service.

All orders can be mailed or picked up at the Media Sales booth in the church lobby.  Note: All CD/DVDs are processed on Wednesday, all mail out orders will be shipped Thursday.   Cost of audio (CD) media is $3.00 and video (DVD) media is $5.00.  For mail orders, please make your check payable to "Resurrection Ministries".  Cash, check, credit, and debit payments are accepted for lobby sales only.